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1st Century Bank understands the value of powerful relationships to our peer clientele. Recognizing that success always comes back to service, 1st Century Bank is committed to instant attention, supported by state-of-the-art technologies. Flexibility, whenever possible, to accommodate the unique needs of each customer. The kind of service business leaders value, with the personal services they have come to expect. Welcome to 1st Century Bank, where the business of banking has never been more personal.

1st Century Bank proudly serves these companies and individuals with a range of quality products and services:

• Family-owned and closely held businesses, and their owners
• Real Estate investors and professionals
• Professional Service Firms, including:
          – Law firms and their employees
          – Business management firms and their employees
          – Medical practices and related service firms
          – CPA firms, investment management firms, and their employees
•Entertainment Professionals and related service firms
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